To carry Jewelry by Grundled is to carry nature with you.

Jewelry by Grundled is rooted in the desire of founder Helle Just Weiling to immerse herself in the detailed work of putting together the miniature parts of each piece.
Wood, steel and colored brass come together in minimalistic expressions of geometry.
The finished pieces hold an inherent contrast between the simple design and the texture of the birch wood and its earthy connotations.
The pieces enclose the nature of the north in light designs creating a connection between the jewelry and its origin. 
Grundled is the Danish word for the grammatical subject, and the name indicates profound personal relations between the maker, her products and her craft. The subject is the matter, the foundation and the thing that drives us forward.
Jewelry by Grundled offers unique but highly affordable products. Every piece is crafted by hand in Denmark and made with a true passion for simple aesthetics and the powerful beauty of the wood.

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