Another level of fabric, 50% fruit - 100% vegan

Nuuwai is the "other“ vegan bag brand, creating modern bags made of our unique appleskin material with a casual and urban style.


The idea of transforming this material into an entire bag collection was created by the founder Svenja Detto who’s been a vegan for several years. She’s been searching for a sustainable alternative to conventional vegan bags for a while and found our innovative appleskin material.

At this moment there was no other brand using this kind of material and that’s when she started planning and developing the nuuwaï collection.

Besides having a cruelty-free and vegan collection sustainability of our materials is another big priority for us.


The collection includes 6 bags and two wallets, all available in eight colours.

It’s our vision to create a sustainable and resource-friendly bags that appeal to everyone who appreciates high-quality materials and designs which are casual, chic and vegan.

With our urban look we are happy to give ecological fashion a modern and authentic face. Because all used materials are free from animal derived ingredients nuuwaï is {PETA-Approved VEGAN}.

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